TV on your computer

TV on your computer

As Internet speeds have improved and computers have become more and more mobile it makes sense to set your system up so that you can watch TV on your computer.

Most people who travel around on business or for pleasure today take a laptop with them, with a little effort a standard laptop can be setup to stream TV reliably and with no monthly fees,  خيرة الامام الصادق a little more effort and you could be watching in full HD.

The laptops that people carry around with them for work during the day can be enabled as an entertainment devices during the evening, if this setup is adopted by a company who issues laptops to employees it really gives the impression that you appreciate your staff and that you have their best interests at heart.

TV on your computer

A few years ago companies were of the impression that their networks and IT equipment should be really locked down, however, it is more and more common for sales peoples laptops to be enabled with some kind of TV software as a way of helping them relax on an evening when their work is done while having to stay away in hotels.

When people initially decide to watch TV on a computer they often think that the setup will be exactly the same as on the TV at home with a number of pre defined channels that they can flick between, however, this is really belittling the choice that is readily available when you decide to watch TV through the Internet using a PC.

The best Internet TV software enable you to view hundreds of live events (almost any event broadcasted in the world will be available to watch without necessarily turning on a channel in the traditional sense). There will also be a selection of Internet channels you are able to watch that you would not normally have access to, however, when considering Internet TV software you need to slightly change how you think about viewing.

Just as people using a mobile phone for the first time need to be told that you no longer hear a dial tone as you did with a traditional landline people using Internet TV software need to understand that you no longer need to watch a channel. When using Internet TV software you pick what is it you want to watch rather than deciding to watch a channel. For example you would decide that you want to watch the Lakers play the Celtics or Manchester United playing Blackburn live and you would then search for the event. The same principle applies if you want to watch a movie or the news, you decide what is it that you want to watch and then connect to it in order to watch it. People wanting to watch cable online need to think slightly differently and consider what it is that they want to watch online rather than thinking that they want to watch a traditional station.

The exception to the above is where you do actually want to watch a channel, for example BBC news, you might not know what is on BBC news at the moment but you do know that you want to get an update of what is going on in the world so in this case it is possible to enable a channel as such.

More experienced users of Internet TV software understand that it is usually more practical to pick what it is that you want to watch rather than to watch a channel but traditional channels do still exist as some people do prefer them and some people do like to have the option of watching a channel until they become used to the more advanced features of the software and making the connection directly to the event that they want to watch.

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