Internet TV Channels

Much of the focus of this blog, until now, has been purely on the Internet TV software that is available. We have reviewed it and evaluated which is best. There is a different way of watching TV online and that is by viewing Internet TV channels.

Internet TV channels are quite loosely defined in that, when talked about, شي لا تحب ان تجده في المطبخ people could be referring to a Youtube channel on which people uploads their family videos or a channel that is setup specifically to stream live sports such as some of the stations on JustinTV.

Many Internet TV channels (or stations) do not require the use of any software at all to view them other than a standard web browser, some go a few steps further asking you to install a plugin like Veetle but the shortcomings of these services is that you are only able to watch whats on.

Internet TV Channels

While this might seem like an obvious statement for someone who is used to watching a traditional TV people who have been watching TV online using leading edge technology know that they don’t need to watch what the channel is pushing to them, instead they are able to watch anything they want, the decide what to watch and then find it rather than looking at some listings as the complete selection from which they must choose.

The problem with finding and watching Internet TV channels is that, even if you compile a list of your favourite stations you might struggle to find a station showing what you want at the time you want to watch it.

It is more than likely that at any point in time there are several online TV stations showing whatever live event you want to watch either legally or illegally yet you might have problems finding them. Some sites do exist linking out to channels as a way of helping you find them but those “search engines” are only as good as the people who upkeep them.

Internet TV Channels 

Many types of Internet TV software do not actually provide you with access to exclusive content at all but do, instead, make it much easier to find the streams and channels that you are looking for. This is how the providers are able to sell this software for a one-time fee rather than an annual or monthly subscription, there is no upkeep in upkeep of channels at all as these are managed by third parties.

Internet TV channels raise revenue from one of two sources, either from advertising on site or by charging the user. As a general rule the paid solutions are much better in terms of reliability and quality so if there is a big even you want to settle down to watch then this might be the best route, however, if you are just wanting to catch 10 minutes of a game then you might want to take a free option and then turn off.

Legally, the paid options usually ask you to agree to a pre written set of terms and conditions before allowing you to view saying that you are already legally allowed to view the stream as they are charging a fee for the provision of this viewing they could end up in serious trouble with the copywriter holders, services paid for by advertising stand to make more as their number of views (and therefore the advertising audience) increases so they very rarely impose any restrictions at all on their viewing and are open to all.

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