How to watch TV on your laptop

How to watch TV on your laptop

With more and more people choosing to stream TV onto a computer and mobile computing becoming more popular it makes sense that so many people are searching for a solution that will enable them to watch TV on their laptops. There are several ways to go about setting this up but before you decide which method to employ to watch TV on your laptop you need to make a decision on exactly what you want to watch.

By watch TV on your laptop are you thinking of:

  •     Generally accessing the same TV channels that you watch at home but for some reason wanting to watch them on the laptop, perhaps when you are on the move?
  •     Accessing more channels on your laptop than you have standard access to through your TV but without paying the high price for cable TV?
  •     Watching a sporting or pay per view event on the laptop without paying the one off $50 or so that you would normally have to pay?
  •     Streaming a film or movie that you have heard about that you know is not been shown on the standard TV offering? 

Whichever of the above you are interested in, and even if you are interested in another option that is not listed, there is a solution for you.

Basically in order to watch TV on your laptop, like with almost anything else you want to use your laptop for, you need to download and install some software and this is where the choice or selection process comes into play.

How to watch TV on your laptop

You can basically categories all of the software available to watch TV on a laptop into one of two categories, paid or unpaid. The free software out there are your Sopcasts and Stream torrents, these solutions are innovative and are quite good for catching the odd stream, however, the quality is usually questionable, the reliability awful and the selection or availability is totally dependant upon someone deciding to host a stream for you. Lot of people do host streams, however, they are usually doing this for profit and as there is no way to collection donations or payments when providing streams to these solutions they are usually accompanied by a heavy dose of adverts and sometimes spyware. Coupling the fact that the streams provided via Sopcast and Stream torrent are often illegal and you do have to question the practicality of using these options.

A much better option is to by a software solution that will allow you to watch TV on your laptop without worries of spyware, legalities, crippling advertising or quality and availability of streams. The ‘buying’ part often puts a lot of people off here, however, there are some solutions that are available for a onetime fee which would be less than a month’s cable subscription!

Couple a low onetime fee with the fact that, when at home, you can connect your laptop to your PC to watch the offering through the standard TV you are used to watching (this can be done wirelessly if you choose) and you really need to give serious consideration to your monthly Sky or cable bills.
Internet TV software allows you to access the channel offering you select from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection so really it is an upgrade on what you are used to.

Recent advancements in the way that TV buffers through a web connection means that you do not need to worry about streams stopping and starting and, with the better software, you will be able to watch all the offerings in HD! You can forget about traditional PC “tuners” once and for all.

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