Monday, January 30, 2017

Watch Cable TV Online

As people become more tech savvy one of the things that they often discover is that it is possible to watch cable TV online. Initially when people realize this the first thing to come to mind is the potential saving that could be made if the high monthly cable fee was stopped and they simply paid for a high speed Internet connection with unlimited bandwidth. The reality is, at the moment, this is a real and feasible option and people could most likely watch everything that they have access to on their cable package and more through use of online streams and torrents!

Watch Cable TV Online

While the above scenario is so plausible that is not a matter of how to do it, rather which of the many available ways to go about it there are a few things that, if considering going down this road, you should bear in mind.

Most of the time watching free streams online means you will be watching low quality content (jerky and fuzzy) which is spyware, adware and advert loaded. These streams are often also provided illegally.

A better solution is to decide exactly what it is you want to watch on cable and then find a legal software solution that will allow you to view that on your PC for a small one time fee rather than a monthly subscription as cable viewers are used to. People who simply want to watch cable TV on their PC are probably selling the capabilities of their PC and the TV tuner software short as the true viewing potential of this kind of software comes from the vast range you are able to view, far more than you would get on a standard cable package!

With the correct setup you can stream almost any channel or sporting event taking place in the world, it just takes a little configuration and sometimes a onetime fee which is usually much lower than a months cable subscription.

In order to get such a huge range of channels and sporting events you will often need a few different software packages so its best to start out by buying one that will suit the most of your needs and then add to it as and when you need to.

Sopcast, Streamtorrne and Veetle are all free viewing softwares and until you are ready to commit to buy a main piece of Internet TV software these are probably worth downloading and testing out to get a feel for exactly what it is you are going to be doing, the disadvantage with these is that the people who provide the streams usually do so without charging and that means that they try to cash in using adverts or some other method of monetization that can hamper your viewing..

The paid software such as LiveTVForMe offers an advanced streaming system which means that your Internet connection is managed in such a way that the highest possible quality of stream is shown to you uninterrupted, even when viewing live. Depending on your computer setup you could actually end up with a much higher quality picture than you would have got directly onto your TV but be aware that when something is been streamed "live" it may actually be a few seconds behind.

The best Internet TV software also allows the more advanced viewing features that some of you may be used to such as pausing and rewinding live TV, while these features are quite new to people who have only watched TV traditionally before they are ancient for long time users of Internet TV software and this type of software is where these type of features originated. Knowing this you will realize that the number of features that the leading edge software offers today far surpasses anything you will be used to. In addition to this in exchange for you one time payment you will usually receive lifetime updates to the software meaning you will never be left behind.

If you are still hesitating as to if you should buy then why not try out one of the free options suggested above and get a taste of how it all works, that should convince even the most tight fisted TV fan to take a leap of faith!

How to watch TV on your laptop

With more and more people choosing to stream TV onto a computer and mobile computing becoming more popular it makes sense that so many people are searching for a solution that will enable them to watch TV on their laptops. There are several ways to go about setting this up but before you decide which method to employ to watch TV on your laptop you need to make a decision on exactly what you want to watch.

By watch TV on your laptop are you thinking of:

  •     Generally accessing the same TV channels that you watch at home but for some reason wanting to watch them on the laptop, perhaps when you are on the move?
  •     Accessing more channels on your laptop than you have standard access to through your TV but without paying the high price for cable TV?
  •     Watching a sporting or pay per view event on the laptop without paying the one off $50 or so that you would normally have to pay?
  •     Streaming a film or movie that you have heard about that you know is not been shown on the standard TV offering? 

Whichever of the above you are interested in, and even if you are interested in another option that is not listed, there is a solution for you.

Basically in order to watch TV on your laptop, like with almost anything else you want to use your laptop for, you need to download and install some software and this is where the choice or selection process comes into play.

How to watch TV on your laptop

You can basically categories all of the software available to watch TV on a laptop into one of two categories, paid or unpaid. The free software out there are your Sopcasts and Stream torrents, these solutions are innovative and are quite good for catching the odd stream, however, the quality is usually questionable, the reliability awful and the selection or availability is totally dependant upon someone deciding to host a stream for you. Lot of people do host streams, however, they are usually doing this for profit and as there is no way to collection donations or payments when providing streams to these solutions they are usually accompanied by a heavy dose of adverts and sometimes spyware. Coupling the fact that the streams provided via Sopcast and Stream torrent are often illegal and you do have to question the practicality of using these options.

A much better option is to by a software solution that will allow you to watch TV on your laptop without worries of spyware, legalities, crippling advertising or quality and availability of streams. The ‘buying’ part often puts a lot of people off here, however, there are some solutions that are available for a onetime fee which would be less than a month’s cable subscription!

Couple a low onetime fee with the fact that, when at home, you can connect your laptop to your PC to watch the offering through the standard TV you are used to watching (this can be done wirelessly if you choose) and you really need to give serious consideration to your monthly Sky or cable bills.
Internet TV software allows you to access the channel offering you select from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection so really it is an upgrade on what you are used to.

Recent advancements in the way that TV buffers through a web connection means that you do not need to worry about streams stopping and starting and, with the better software, you will be able to watch all the offerings in HD! You can forget about traditional PC “tuners” once and for all.


Internet TV Channels

Much of the focus of this blog, until now, has been purely on the Internet TV software that is available. We have reviewed it and evaluated which is best. There is a different way of watching TV online and that is by viewing Internet TV channels.

Internet TV channels are quite loosely defined in that, when talked about, شي لا تحب ان تجده في المطبخ people could be referring to a Youtube channel on which people uploads their family videos or a channel that is setup specifically to stream live sports such as some of the stations on JustinTV.

Many Internet TV channels (or stations) do not require the use of any software at all to view them other than a standard web browser, some go a few steps further asking you to install a plugin like Veetle but the shortcomings of these services is that you are only able to watch whats on.

Internet TV Channels

While this might seem like an obvious statement for someone who is used to watching a traditional TV people who have been watching TV online using leading edge technology know that they don’t need to watch what the channel is pushing to them, instead they are able to watch anything they want, the decide what to watch and then find it rather than looking at some listings as the complete selection from which they must choose.

The problem with finding and watching Internet TV channels is that, even if you compile a list of your favourite stations you might struggle to find a station showing what you want at the time you want to watch it.

It is more than likely that at any point in time there are several online TV stations showing whatever live event you want to watch either legally or illegally yet you might have problems finding them. Some sites do exist linking out to channels as a way of helping you find them but those “search engines” are only as good as the people who upkeep them.

Internet TV Channels 

Many types of Internet TV software do not actually provide you with access to exclusive content at all but do, instead, make it much easier to find the streams and channels that you are looking for. This is how the providers are able to sell this software for a one-time fee rather than an annual or monthly subscription, there is no upkeep in upkeep of channels at all as these are managed by third parties.

Internet TV channels raise revenue from one of two sources, either from advertising on site or by charging the user. As a general rule the paid solutions are much better in terms of reliability and quality so if there is a big even you want to settle down to watch then this might be the best route, however, if you are just wanting to catch 10 minutes of a game then you might want to take a free option and then turn off.

Legally, the paid options usually ask you to agree to a pre written set of terms and conditions before allowing you to view saying that you are already legally allowed to view the stream as they are charging a fee for the provision of this viewing they could end up in serious trouble with the copywriter holders, services paid for by advertising stand to make more as their number of views (and therefore the advertising audience) increases so they very rarely impose any restrictions at all on their viewing and are open to all.

Best Internet TV Software

There is no one word answer (or software solution) to someone who is looking for the best Internet TV software as in reality there is no such thing. There are lots of different providers of Internet TV software each promoting their own solution as the one you should buy.

In reality, as with most things, the best solution is the one that suits you and in order to establish which best suits you a comparison is required,  نصائح بعد التبرع بالدم someone who wants to watch movies on demand might not find the same software as useful as someone who wanted watch all of the English Premier League games while living in the USA.

You need to decide exactly what you want from the software and create as accurate picture as possible in your mind of your requirements:

  •     Live TV
  •     Sporting Events
  •     PPV events
  •     Watching movies
  •     News and general world update
  •     NFL MLB NBA football/soccer seasons

The selection of software is vast and ever growing, the price can range from $0 all the way up to $1k. Some software asks you for a onetime fee but other software is available for a one off charge.  Simply put while there is no “best Internet TV software” there is a “best Internet TV software for your needs” and the buying process for this should be much the same as the buying process for anything else you need to perform due diligence on!

Establish what you need from the product,     Review the market for your options and collate the viable solutions both software and hardware,     See if there are any solutions that almost meet your requirements or provide a little more than you need within a reasonable price range of the items identified in step 2 above,     Review all of the solutions collected in the previous 2 steps and create a shortlist, 

Carefully investigate the solutions you have shortlisted, this way you will make sure you find the best solution for your specific requirements.
There are a few sites out there that offer a comparison of the various software’s available, however, beware that the majority of these sites follow the affiliate model and therefore are paid commission on any recommendations that they make which you then take up. This will no doubt influence their opinion on the best solution for you. It would make sense for them to recommended Internet TV software that pays them the most lucrative commission and in some cases the option that will pay them a recurring monthly commission on a monthly payment you make to them.

If you have been using any Internet TV software then please leave a comment below and let others know what you think of the packages you have been using and any others that you might have tried. Please do not leave affiliate links or links to sites that offer bias reviews just your opinions would be great!

TV on your computer

As Internet speeds have improved and computers have become more and more mobile it makes sense to set your system up so that you can watch TV on your computer.

Most people who travel around on business or for pleasure today take a laptop with them, with a little effort a standard laptop can be setup to stream TV reliably and with no monthly fees,  خيرة الامام الصادق a little more effort and you could be watching in full HD.

The laptops that people carry around with them for work during the day can be enabled as an entertainment devices during the evening, if this setup is adopted by a company who issues laptops to employees it really gives the impression that you appreciate your staff and that you have their best interests at heart.

TV on your computer

A few years ago companies were of the impression that their networks and IT equipment should be really locked down, however, it is more and more common for sales peoples laptops to be enabled with some kind of TV software as a way of helping them relax on an evening when their work is done while having to stay away in hotels.

When people initially decide to watch TV on a computer they often think that the setup will be exactly the same as on the TV at home with a number of pre defined channels that they can flick between, however, this is really belittling the choice that is readily available when you decide to watch TV through the Internet using a PC.

The best Internet TV software enable you to view hundreds of live events (almost any event broadcasted in the world will be available to watch without necessarily turning on a channel in the traditional sense). There will also be a selection of Internet channels you are able to watch that you would not normally have access to, however, when considering Internet TV software you need to slightly change how you think about viewing.

Just as people using a mobile phone for the first time need to be told that you no longer hear a dial tone as you did with a traditional landline people using Internet TV software need to understand that you no longer need to watch a channel. When using Internet TV software you pick what is it you want to watch rather than deciding to watch a channel. For example you would decide that you want to watch the Lakers play the Celtics or Manchester United playing Blackburn live and you would then search for the event. The same principle applies if you want to watch a movie or the news, you decide what is it that you want to watch and then connect to it in order to watch it. People wanting to watch cable online need to think slightly differently and consider what it is that they want to watch online rather than thinking that they want to watch a traditional station.

The exception to the above is where you do actually want to watch a channel, for example BBC news, you might not know what is on BBC news at the moment but you do know that you want to get an update of what is going on in the world so in this case it is possible to enable a channel as such.

More experienced users of Internet TV software understand that it is usually more practical to pick what it is that you want to watch rather than to watch a channel but traditional channels do still exist as some people do prefer them and some people do like to have the option of watching a channel until they become used to the more advanced features of the software and making the connection directly to the event that they want to watch.

PC TV Software

The number of people using Macs has really surged over the last few years, there are many reasons for this but the growth of the Mac is not something we will be investigate here, however, as the PC is still the most used system and windows the most used platform today we will mainly focus on PC TV Software, it there is a demand for insight on Mac software (emails and comments)  في أي سورة وردت مصارف الزكاة then this might be something we will look into.

There is a massive range of PC TV software in existence today and new packages are been released almost daily. Some provide access to exclusive content whereas others simply allow you to watch channels that you would normally have access to from home but, as you are using a laptop and Internet connection, you can access them without an aerial meaning your favourite shows and sporting events are now totally accessible on the go, even if you need to leave the country.

Modern streaming technology means that if you are leaving the country, even on business, you are now able to take one of your biggest creature comforts with you (your local TV stations) which can be watched almost anywhere.

Having read the above you will realize that PC TV software allows you to watch the channels you have on your normal TV but also will enable you to watch cable TV without the subscription fee. Lots of people searching for for this kind of software are doing so for that very reason and they see it as an opportunity to cut out the cost of cable. While this frame of mind does make sense to put yourself in it is actually to be belittle what modern streaming software can actually do and not use it to the fullest.

 Using PC TV software to watch the stations as they play out on TV would be like using a microwave to simply defrost. The better software will, amongst other things, allow you to watch anything you like on demand! While in 2012 been able to rewind and pause live TV is a standard feature in some homes this technology originated on Internet TV software and the PC. While many people still view these kinds of features as quite modern they were standard features of the better streaming software available over ten years ago.

Give you could pause, rewind and watch on demand on your PC ten years ago just imagine some of the features that are available today when you sign up for a premium leading edge solution!

PC TV Tuners about

When people talked of PC TV software/tuners or even generally TV Tuners a few years ago they were usually referring to a piece of hardware that you needed to plug into another device to enable it to function as a TV.

Some of the earliest hand held consoles also had TV tuner options available for them that enabled them to work as functional portable TVs,  فوائد التبرع بالدم however, these early tuners were really expensive, the quality was questionable and they could only pick up the basic TV stations available in the surrounding area.

As TV tuners advanced the quality improved and the number of devices that could work with tuners increased rapidly but for a long time the price of this equipment remained high. For a brief period of time these tuners were included as additional hardware powered functions in mobile phones to allow them to pick up stations and let people watch TV on the go.

The true evolution of the TV tuner has come recently and been enabled by an increase in affordable bandwidth and Internet access speeds. The modern TV tuner no longer needs to be plugged in (as hardware) to another device and can be much more easily downloaded as a piece of software that can be run on a basic operating system. Traditional tuners could only function if you were in an area with a fairly strong analogue TV signal, however, today’s software tuners function by sourcing the media you desire online and allowing you to stream that to your monitor (or other display device depending on your setup). This new type of tuner is usually referred to as of the "streaming software" generation rather than the "hardware generation" which was the original plug in incarnation.

The software generation of tuners main differentiation from the traditional model, other than it is installed rather physically plugged in is that it does not pick up the signal from the airwaves, it instead relies on an existing data connection to pull a stream from the Internet. This meant that early software tuners were only available for the PC but and that the system needed to be wired to the Internet (as was the only mainstream method of connection 10 years ago) but once again, as with the traditional tuners, this has now evolved so that they can be used with mobile devices that can run a basic operating system!

The main issue/obstacle early mobile devices had with the modern tuner was the fact they needed a fast, reliable and affordable data connection, which, to start with, meant that they needed to be wired in somewhere and therefore this took away the wirelessness of the device! As the technology to facilitate the fast wireless connections became more common the technology became feasible but network restrictions on data usage and the high cost of data were the next barrier. Finally, in 2012 with many unlimited data plans and handsets that can provide fast connections the software TV tuner is as feasible on mobile devices as it is on standalone PCs.

Back when TV tuners were first invented a lot of the appeal was that you could use them to change a device you already owned into a TV and thus not need to buy a TV, for example people with a PC would be able to buy a tuner and not need a main TV. People with a mobile games console would buy a tuner and turn their console into a portable TV avoiding the cost of an expensive TV and also dodging the inconvenience of having to carry two fairy bulky devices round.

In 2012 the price of TVs has dropped considerably and you can quite easily watch TV on a mobile phone, the appeal of a traditional tuner has more or less gone away but PC TV tuners are still really in demand but for a different reason.

Modern software tuners allow you to connect to streams online that you would otherwise not be able to find or not be allowed to access, these streams are often premium channels and content that you would normally have to pay a high monthly fee to view and in some instances what you can access may be totally unavailable in your country. Sporting events shown on pay per view can often be streamed online through a modern tuner at no cost.

Sports fans are probably group of people who are most familiar with the use of streaming tuners and Internet TV software in general as it is possible to watch almost any game live using a high quality tuners and while movies, shows and pretty much anything else can be viewed with a little searching sports seem to be the main angle the tuners marketing departments seem to push them on.